About Dazzlin' Cleaning Services in Santa Clara and Stockton, CA

Since 1998, Dazzlin' Cleaning Service has earned its reputation as a quality, one-stop cleaning/maintenance business. Whether your needs are for your office or home, Dazzlin' has a proven track record of professionalism, integrity, and what We call "going that extra mile."
In fact, We see our business as an extension of our philosophy of helping people. Mentoring for at risk youth and caring for cancer patients and the elderly are just a few of the ways We have shown our dedication to aiding others.
Dazzlin' provides clients with prompt, thorough service which has led to long-lasting relationships. From a huge office space to a two-bedroom house, We give each job the same attention and commitment.
In regards to her team members, professionalism and dedication are paramount.
We conduct thorough background checks on all employees."
Dazzlin' is a member of the Better Business Bureau in San Joaquin and Santa Clara. The company is also a member of the Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce
Portrait of cleaning equipment — Office Cleaning in Santa Clara, CA